Wednesday, February 22, 2012

back to the blog

i know i know. "wait, starting a new blog?... didn't you just completely quit your last one! i mean...dropped off the earth QUIT!" yes... i did. but, i miss it okay?? :)

i loved keeping a blog about our little life and its happenings and somehow life just got too much to write down. but without lamenting too much... im back! hopefully with a little more discipline this time. but if not, im sure my fan-base of 1 wont mind.

God has done too too much in our world lately for me to just pick up here and ignore whats gone on since the last entry of the old blog, but there will be time for that. for now, im glad to be back in the saddle. back in my cozy sweatpants and socks that is... jotting down some little life-chit-chat while my two baby-loves sleep.

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