Friday, July 20, 2012

mantle makeover

Another home project checked off the list! Originally we planned to sand down and repaint our mantle, but the dental and ribbed molding just loomed over us and it remained on the "to-do." I believe it probably would have stayed there until I had a VERY brave and VERY free day :)
BUT pete and my dad went to this Habitat for Humanity sale and they happened to have boxes upon boxes of beautiful mantles... lets just say it was quite worth the low price. So out with the old and in with the new! :)

oh and p.s. the "old" one is in perfect shape if anyone wants to buy it :)



gotta say.... I really enjoy these 1-evening projects :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Patio project reveal

Patio project is now complete!!! :)
We all agreed afterwards that out of alll the home projects we've done in the last 7 years of marriage, this was by far the most work we've done, in the shortest period of time, making such a big difference.... and boy was it hard work or what!
I was supposed to be training for my first 5k over the last 2 months and that was put on hold for evening upon evening upon weekend upon weekend of what felt like running a marathon but was merely manual labor in the brutal heat! we hauled away close to 14 truck loads of dirt & rocks, hauled in about 10 loads of gravel and 3 loads of sand, and that was just the half of it. we added the arch at the top to have a good view of the sunset... and that's just what we have. the biggest change was probably the stairs & hand railing. We are so happy with the results and especially happy with the $ saved having done all the work ourselves (definitely worth all those sore muscles and completely-out-of-running-shape-with-1-week-before-race fitness slump)
So as usual... this isn't really much of a before & after, but more of a during & after reveal :)
Here goes..... DURING:

Drumroll please.......................AFTER:
Taa da! :)

heres to many enjoyable family and friend times on this new space!

p.s. don't think this means its time for a break on the house project front - next up & coming soon.... new family room mantle! :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

it must be summa'time

it officially feels like summertime now! i know... its been summer for a while now, but we had our first fire! oh the smell of campfire. first fire of the year, first summer in our new house, first fire in our new pit on our new patio. ahhhh bliss.

(though you'll get a good glimpse...ill be posting actual patio project & reveal pics soon.... just as soon as i finally finish the landscaping and get all the work junk cleaned up!)

marshmallows, happy girls, sunset, sitting out late chattin with the hubs.... summer delight.
can see many more of these kind of nights to come.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

all-star game

every year we get together with pete's fam for the all-star game. the original tradition was that everyone bring various snacks and we enjoy a new one each inning. though over the years, the length and lateness of the game and the exorbitant amount of food has now inhibited us from sticking to that exact tradition...we still had fun getting together and eating tons of yummy food. other than it being a blow out, im not real sure what happened in the game....which seems to be the case every year, as im only partially interested :) we missed the Burns but it was a good little spur-of-the-moment get together with the fam:

(looking back at my last few posts...i know you're probably thinking.. is there anything else you guys do but have parties!?)    the answer is.... sometimes. ;)

unfortunately the kiddos were just too fast and too uninterested for me to get a good cousin pic tonight :/

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ellia's "Jesus Party" - part 2

here is the video we made for her party (more for my keepsakes than anything else). I think it will be neat to ask similar questions each year and see how she changes and grows in the Lord.
p.s. DISCLAIMER:  if "mommy voice" makes you crazy and want to pull your hair out... this video is not for you ;)

Ellia's Jesus Party - part 1

experienced a very sweet special evening tonight.... had an idea of putting something together to celebrate the "salvation" birthday of Ellia. Last year on July 6th, Ellia made her own decision to follow Christ and invite Him into her life... a decision we couldn't be more thankful and proud of. In celebration, we hosted an intimate dessert party (which Ellia named her "Jesus Party") with a few friends/family that have really been instrumental in the development and spiritual growth of Ellia. Unfortunately Peter's parents couldn't be there, but we had a wonderful time of fellowship, celebration and reflection. I am so thankful for the blessing of many dear, Jesus-loving influences in her life. We are so proud of Ellia and praise Jesus that she has come to a knowledge and belief in Him at such an early age. We thanked those with us tonight, prayed over Ellia and her years to come in the Lord and then enjoyed some yummy sweets and a homemade movie (not sure if I can get it on here or not, but will try!) :)

Here's a little look at a lovely celebration of our sweet girl:

mini banana puddings

chocolate raspberries

mini cookies & milk

"Children are a gift from the Lord." - Psalm 127:3

ellia's requested Fresh Strawberry cake

cream puffs

coffee bar with cookie and donut sticks

nana and linny with el

"so proud of you!"

ellia with jimmy in her necklace :)

Joe, Tracy & Christie (Ross & Sammy couldnt make it)

playin with Karen :)

Ellia's new bible from mommy & daddy