Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th!

Had a great looong weekend celebrating the 4th and just hangin out together. Pete was able to be off work the weekend thru wed so it made for a nice little mini stay-cation. With the crazy windstorm starting off the weekend on Friday, we had some unexpected but enjoyable experiences.
Saturday we took a little day-trip to Cleveland to visit our dear friends and their adorable little guy. Spent the day eatin yummy food and checkin out their new beautiful home. As we headed home really late that night, we got a call that our other dear friends were out of power and their little guy couldnt sleep! Although, bummed for them, I was really excited to have unexpected houseguests! I love that. They stayed through the afternoon on Sunday and then Sunday night, Pete's sister and her family came to cook dinner and do a little laundry at our place as they were out of power too! We enjoyed an evening with them and spent Monday and Tuesday working hard on the patio.... almost done (pics to come later). For the 4th we were invited to share the afternoon with a cookout at the neighbors and finished the day's celebration at the Westerville fireworks with Nana & Papa. It was a stuffed-full weekend but tons of fun. Thanking the Lord for a cool house and the ability to use it to help friends and family...such a blessing. Also thankful for some time to just enjoy Pete bein home with us...always love that - still soak up every second I can with him and our little family.

my little sparkler and my little firecracker:

remae seemed to LOVE the fireworks... with some hilarious commentary through the whole thing: "wow, that one was really big" and "sooooo preeettty" after EVERY one plus things like:
 "i wanna take that one home with me"
"oooh that looked like a strawberry"
"that was pretty loud"
"im really scared...crying like a baby" (not crying at all)
"i dont like this.... ohhhh that was pretty!"
"that one is probably really hot"
"ahhh i think they are falling on me!!!"
"they are all circles... i want a triangle one!"
"mommy...thats not sounds like it, but its not"

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