Monday, March 5, 2012

on the bittersweet preschool path

can't believe im here.
its official.... preschool looms.
i know moms do it everyday and many even earlier than i am, but the thoughts of preschool have got me on the emotional edge. today i submitted ellia's enrollment forms after much thought, research, visits and prayer... we took a leap of faith to where we felt the Lord clearly leading and submitted the paperwork. Its all in His hands... she's all in His hands. I know, i know, shes not even going yet - I simply turned in her forms, but it definitely opened my eyes to our new reality... coming in August. So bittersweet as I watch my little baby grow into a little lady, about to head off to school (for the next 18ish years) ;)
one things for sure, I'll be holding extra tight this summer. ill be enjoying, even more, each second i get to spend during the day with her, cherishing these times that will "soon-be-a-changin!"
praising the Lord a little more for our little treasure today and the unseen but perfect plan He's got ahead for her.

and trust me.... this won't be the last you hear from me on the preschool topic! :)

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