Wednesday, April 4, 2012

an unexpected treat

talked the hubs into a quick, easy and yummy dinner out at our fav casual italian spot in uptown, Pasquales. We had a nice, relaxing dinner as a family and headed out. We had gotten through the parking lot almost to our car when a man came sprinting to us. He waved us down and then handed both girls each a $5 bill. He proceeded to tell us how relaxing his dinner was next to us and how we had the most well behaved kids he has ever seen. He said they deserved some ice cream and we should use the money to take them to Graeters for a treat. We said our astonished "thank-yous" and he was off.
We were completely shocked! What a fun and thankful parent moment. We just looked at each other, smiled and said "I guess we should go!" :)
thankful for the blessing of a sweet reminder of how dear and precious my kiddos are from outside eyes- its easy to get lost in the day-to-day-please-stop-fighting-over-toys-be-patient-stop-fussing-please-restate-that-sentence-without-whining stuff. They really are amazingly wonderful girls and all the credit goes straight up to the Giver of everything good.....
everything good.....even carmel ice cream from Graeters :)

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