Sunday, May 20, 2012

garage sale!

This weekend we hosted our first garage sale! Let me just say, I have the fondest memories of garage sales at ours and neighbors homes growing up. Us kids always did some sort of stand and it was such a fun couple days. So I was really excited to now be at the point in life to have my own and have kiddos old enough to enjoy it feels like a little life milestone :-)
My mom and aunt both added their stuff too... and it was H.U.G.E. It look us a whole week, working everyday, almost all day to get everything cleaned, organized and priced. Then we had the sale on Friday and Saturday. The highlight of the whole thing was Ellia & Remae's lemonade and cookie stand. They were adorable and Ellia is quite the little business woman! ;) she earned $20 on quarter lemonades and cookies! the sign she made was adorable...definitely a keeper.
All in all, not sure it was financially worth all the work, but we had a lot of fun together AND I have a much emptier, cleaner house (thanks to the hubby's rule: once it goes out, it doesn't come back in). All the remaining items were donated on Monday. As much of a sentimental horder as I can be, sometimes it feels really good to purge!

 making cookies with ellia for her stand...she was so excited!

 check out the adorable sign she made.

eatin their profits :)

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  1. they were DELICIOUS cookies and very refreshing lemonade! <3