Wednesday, May 9, 2012

happy last-year-in-your-20s birthday to my pete!

Happy happy 29th birthday to my love! Tonight we celebrated daddy's birthday...a nice laid-back night at home with good food and his girls = just what he ordered up. Peter is sooo low maintainance, especially when it comes to birthdays and celebrations, etc. The inner party planner and birthday lover girl inside me automatically jumps to favorite restaurant stops and things to do when birthday time comes around. However... I had to force myself to put that girl aside and do whatever it was the hubs wanted for his birthday... yes, even if that meant dinner and dessert at home and nothing planned :)
I must admit, it was a really fun and relaxing evening celebrating daddy. The girls and I spent the day getting things prepared for him. They made him adorable cards and a special birthday hat that "has to be worn the whole night, daddy!"
If I can't take him somewhere fancy, why not make the meal gourmet and whip out the china...right?! He LOVED his surf & turf dinner complete with his favorite rootbeer and requested carmel white chocolate bars for dessert. we ended the evening with a family movie along with some extra time to tell daddy all the reasons we love and are are so thankful for him.

Thank you Jesus for the best husband, father, love, friend, man and family leader we could ever ask or hope for. I feel so undeserving and so very thankful.

Heres a little look at daddy's 29th birthday:

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