Thursday, August 2, 2012

fair fun

the girls have been bugging us for quite some time about seeing some farm animals... so every time we make a trip to the zoo, we leave with disappointed faces "there weren't any cows or pigs!" ha.
so we decided what better place to fill the farm animal craving but the fair! in full fair-style, we endured the unbearably hot, sticky, sweaty hours by filling up on sugar filled and totally nutritious dinner food, like mini donuts, hot dogs, stromboli on a stick, ice cream, roasted corn, and of course sweet tea and shaken lemonade. in the car on the way there, i was prepping the girls on all the awesomeness that is the fair and had to spark their excitement with a full description of the famous "butter cow." Ive never heard such belly laughing and carrying-on....the thought of it to them was truly hilarious :) Though it ended up not being as big of a deal as they built up in their little minds, they fully enjoyed it along with pig races, petting zoo, horse shows, mini tractor rides, and mommy and daddy's seemingly endless wallets and "sure, why not's" to treats and spectacles. because of the lines and my overly-cautious children, we didn't get to do the one thing mommy wanted to do (I'm not bitter, I promise ;), which was re-live my childhood going down the big yellow slide over and over again, but no one (but me) seemed to mind too much. all in all it was a grand success (of something I can certainly only handle once a year...if that).  although I truly wanted to make a photo documentary of all the outstanding things and people I saw, like "Most amazing thing I saw at the fair...." "Most Ridiculous thing I saw at the fair...." "Most hilarious thing I saw at the fair......" etc. etc. I was a little too distracted to complete it.... but had I been able to do it.... I can assure you, the loaded cheeseburger sandwiched between 2 KrispyKreme donuts would have ranked up there as one of the most absurd "truly-American" things I saw.
and just in case you're wondering... no, we did NOT try one..... and yes, peter would have tried one, had he not had a very responsible and loving voice in his ear telling him he wasn't 17 anymore ;)

when asked about their favorite parts:
Remae: "the BIG pigs snorting <insert multiple adorable snorting sounds> at me"
Ellia: "those funny little pigs racing around the track"

so I guess we leave having fully enjoyed the pigs...and probably looking a little more like them in the process. ;)

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