Tuesday, August 14, 2012

dental debut

can't believe its been over a year and half since this post about Ellia's first trip to the dentist... and here we go with Remae! kinda funny, but i said the exact same thing to the hygienist this time around... "Yes, I'm going to be THAT mom...so bear with me" while snapping away with my camera. Just like Ellia, Remi was a little apprehensive but a real trooper with no tears. It helped having big sis go first and get her cleaning out of the way. She definitely wasn't sure this is something she wanted to go through with, but the bribe of the sugar-free lollipop I knew was coming at the end was enough to keep cooperative. Yet another milestone that I'm just not ready for...everything just comes and goes so quickly. Soaking in every moment in joy and thankfulness is all I can do about it though! :)
I gotta say...this place is AWESOME. They are purely a pediatric office and do a tremendous job. I'd recommend to anyone who was looking for a place (Hines Little Smiles, Gahanna). 

 somehow I can see this look remaining in her repertoire for teenage years

 love the hand :)
 all smiles when it was over

annnnd the lollipops...sugar-free, of course ;)

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